Sunday, April 19, 2009

Fourth Annual PH4H NCAA Tournament Pick 'em -- Final Results

This is a week and a half late, but I have a very good excuse.

Anyway, the winner of the Fourth Annual PH4H NCAA Tournament Pick-'em is Dan.

Here are the final standings:

1. Dan: 267 points, 46 correct picks
2. Steve: 258 points, 40 correct picks
3. Aaron: 239 points, 44 correct picks
4. Andy: 223 points, 39 correct picks
5. Rachel: 216 points, 39 correct picks
6. Jason: 203 points, 40 correct picks
7. Jeff: 193 points, 37 correct picks
8. Dara: 180 points, 37 correct picks
9. Inbal: 157 points, 34 correct picks
10. Caroline: 154 points, 27 correct picks
11. Bo: 139 points, 35 correct picks

If you had picked all the higher seeds, you would have wound up in 6th place overall with 210 points and 45 correct picks.

Stoopid Nats News

Anyone catch this on Friday? From D.C. Sports Bog and NBC News:

At last night's Marlins versus Nationals game, the Nationals' Ryan Zimmerman and Adam Dunn wore uniforms with their team misspelled. Look closely, see that? You see it's Nat-in-als? Where's the 'O' everybody? Anyway, later in the game both players changed into correctly spelled uniforms.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Empanadas in the news

Yes, that's right. For Chileans, Passion Translates to Empanadas, reports the New York Times. Kudos to my sister for passing along this gem. I now totally want to travel for 10 days eating empanadas. Hmm, how could I raise money for a trip like that?

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Fourth Annual PH4H NIT Pool Winner

The winner of the Fourth Annual PH4H Men's NIT Pick'em contest is . . . Jeff, with 16 correct picks for 22 points. No one picked Baylor vs. Penn State in the finals, so the scores did not change at all since last week.

Here's the final tally, in case anyone still cares.

1. Jeff: 16 correct picks, 22 points.
2. Justin: 15 correct picks, 21 points.
3. Dan: 14 correct picks, 17 points.
4. Dara: 13 correct picks, 17 points.

For the record, I keep the NIT score sheets in my office -- in a yellow manila file in my desk file drawer. One of these days, someone is going to need something, and I'm going to tell them to look in my desk, and they are going to find this file of old NIT brackets. I'm hopeful that it'll be someone with a good sense of humor, or at least an appreciation of the absurd.